The Music

The music of Orchid - by Guy Manoukian

Orchid’s distinctiveness did not merely set it apart from other resorts in the region, it went all the way to inspire prominent artists to privilege it in their own way. In May 2010, Guy Manoukian* released “Orchid”, a music CD mixed by Benjamin Joubert, that evokes Orchid’s mood and feel, a music that moves you and reminds you of what Orchid is all about, an auditory experience that captures the spirit of Orchid.

The CD was an instant success and its music is played not only in the lounge bars and night clubs of Lebanon and the region, but all around Europe as well.

*Guy Manoukian is a renowned Lebanese-Armenian musician, composer and pianist whose music reached an international scope. Manoukian also produces music and sound design for films, artists, concept albums and advertisements.