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orchid jiyeh
Relax, rejuvenate & renew with our spa's range of signature treatments.

orchid jiyeh
Refreshing Facial Basic facial, perfect for beginners This Express facial includes the essentials of a facial treatment in a very short time. To be performed on its own or as add on to any body treatment, this facial is perfect for beginners.
Eye Sparkle Wake up call for the eyes, perfect for party lovers Are your late nights reflected in your dark, puny eyes? If so, this is the treatment for you! Use this quick to relieve tired eyes and bring back their natural glow. Treatment can be added this quick x to relieve tired eyes and bring back their natural glow. Treatment can be added to any facial for optimal results.
Splash Facial All skin types, pure oxygen splash Oxygenating Facial that deeply cleanses hydrates and revitalizes all skin types in the blink of an eye! O2 Splash Facial is a perfect wake up call for a tired skin and smokers. Gentle comforting massage for neck and shoulders included.
Skin Repairing Treatment After sun repair, all skin types Soothing & deeply repairing, After Sun Facial is a highly effective treatment that uses skin-restoring formula that is rich in natural botanical elements such as arnica and Aloe Vera. Perfect for repairing the skin.
orchid jiyeh

Sun Bronze Application (Pre-tan)

Get ready for the perfect tan! Sun Bronze application to help you achieve the even, golden and luminous tan that you desire! The Sun Bronze Cream prevents premature aging and provides anti-free radical protection.

Sun Aloe Balm (Post-tan)

Make your tan last longer! Sun Aloe Balm application provides intense hydration, soothes and alleviates discomfort, while preventing flaking and peeling. The Sun Aloe Balm is pleasantly refreshing and repairs damage caused by UV rays.

orchid jiyeh orchid jiyeh
Back, Neck & Shoulders Relax and de-stress Let stress be a thing of the past with this spectacular massage that deliciously stimulates the senses. The Signature Massage combines our house massage with the best products to assure a sublime experience and extensive results.
Bamboo Scrub
Allow your beautiful skin to surface This effective, yet delicate scrub uses micro-particles from bamboo to massage and exfoliate your skin and essential oils to liven and stimulate your senses. The Bamboo Scrub is quickly absorbed leaving your skin puried and clear of any residue
Honey Scrub
Indulge in this exotic body scrub made with 100% honey Crystallized honey particles tenderly exfoliate your skin, removing accumulated dead skin cells and impurities. Granulated particles dissolve on your skin to nourish, soften and intensely hydrate your body.
C+c Vitamin Scrub
Pure smoothness for your skin A powerful anti-oxidant scrub that combats sun damage, prevents premature aging and improves skin texture by increasing cell turnover. Rosa Hip seeds and bitter orange extract dissolve, leaving your skin feeling and smelling luxurious.
orchid jiyeh orchid jiyeh
orchid jiyeh

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